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MASTERMOUSE LITE S MASTERMOUSE LITE S - Mouse được thiết kế thuận cả 2 tay , đem lại cảm giác xử lý tuyệt vời 
- Độ phân giải : 2000 dpi
- Led : 1 màu trơn
S000103 Mice 430.000 VND Số lượng: 1000 cái


  • Mã sản phẩm: S000103
  • Giá bán: 430.000 VND

  • - Mouse được thiết kế thuận cả 2 tay , đem lại cảm giác xử lý tuyệt vời 
    - Độ phân giải : 2000 dpi
    - Led : 1 màu trơn


Số lượng
Số lượng: 1000 cái

A Grip That Won't
Let You Go
Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse with white LED illumination.
The MasterMouse Lite S delivers a satisfying grip that just won’t quit. With its special contoured design and advanced surface finish, you can take pleasure in knowing that your weapon of choice won’t fail you during even the toughest battles. Beneath the high quality exterior shell, you will find a gaming grade PixArt sensor with up to 2000 DPI. Choose between three distinct DPI levels that can be easily switched in real time. DPI levels are indicated by corresponding LED patterns. The white LEDs illuminate the mouse for a sharp, clean appearance.

A Sensor You Can Trust
PixArt PAW3509 optical sensor delivers up to 2000 DPI in three preset levels. The reliable motion tracking of the MasterMouse Lite S makes it a highly accurate companion for your on-screen adventures. On-the-fly controls then allow you to change DPI easily as you go.

White LED Illumination
A quick glance is all you need to make sure you never lose track of your DPI level. White illumination lining the mouse wheel and the bottom edge serves as a DPI indicator and gives the mouse a sharp, refined look.
Built to Last

Nearly every inch of the MasterMouse S’s body is covered in a matte UV coating. This coating is highly durable and won't peel, wear, or tarnish. Both of the main buttons are equipped with Omron switches guaranteed to last 10 million clicks. The cable strain relief has been built extra strong to endure even the wildest actions.

Buttons Overview
Product Name MasterMouse Lite S
Product Model SGM-1006-KSOA1
Grip Type Palm & Claw
Material Plastic / Rubber
Color Black
LED Color White
Sensor PixArt PAW3509 Optical
CPI / DPI 3 Levels (600~2,000dpi)
Tracking Speed 37 ips / 15g
Lift Off Distance < ~4mm
Polling Rate 125 Hz / 8 ms
Processor Soc
Switches, Lifespan Omron, 10 million
Body coating Matte UV Coating
Connector Nickel-plated
Cable Length Black PVC Cable, 1.8 Meters
Dimensions (mm/inch) 117 x 63.5 x 38 /
4.6 x 2.5 x 1.5 inch
Weight 123g / 0.271 lbs
Weight (without USB Cable) 86g / 0.189 lbs
Warranty 2 years
EAN Code 4719512054413
UPC Code 884102030512

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